Sunday, 16 October 2005

Selected Week News #2

Online Game Could Boost You into Space
By Leonard David

If you like to play, and if you're good, you can try to win this trip. The official page of the contest is

Hurricane Center Has One Name Left: Wilma
By Robert Roy Britt
From LiveScience

The interesting part of this article is the explanation of how hurricanes are named. I didn't know that as in my country we don't have hurricanes...

New “hobbit” bones bolster separate species claim
By Andy Coghlan
From New Scientist

It is one more species of man that has appeared during evolution. Quite interesting because it gives some reality to old legends.(And show that the scientists that named it liked the "Lord of the Rings".)

Duped and Clueless: How Easily We Fool Ourselves
By Ker Than
From LiveScience

This is a new experience showing once more a fact that science already observed before: our memories are constructed by our brains and can differ from reality. The brain can even construct the memories incorporating elements that are totally fictitious as if they were real. It's scaring to know that what you remember could never have happened, isn't it?

The Rise of the Body Bots
By Erico Guizzo and Harry Goldstein
From IEEE Spectrum Online

A detailed article about the latest developments in the area of exoskeleton building. You can see that probably very soon they will be avaiable for a variety of practical applications.

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