Friday, 10 September 2010

Science Stamps

I probably haven't said yet that I am a collector. Actually, I collect collections. One of them happens to be a stamp collection and, thanks to a friend who wanted some stamps of the Royal Mail some time ago, I ended up signing for a newsletter of them. I have already bought two nice sets of stamps and today I received an email with one of their new sets: 
"Medical Breakthroughs - The Mint Stamps have been created using medical imagery that best illustrates each of our six specially selected breakthroughs: beta-blockers, penicillin, hip replacements, artificial lens implants, malaria parasites and CT scanners."
And here is a picture of the presentation pack:

They will be issued on the 16th of September and
"The Presentation Pack also takes an in-depth look at at how each of these significant breakthroughs came about, courtesy of Dr Richard Barnett from the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge."
Although I really feel that magnetic ressonance should be among the breakthroughs, as I am a biased real fan of it, I reckon that there must be difficult to choose just 6 among the many achievements of (real) medicine. By the way, check out the link to the CT scanner to see the link between it and The Beatles. 

While browsing the stamps, I also found this other pack:

The Royal Society Presentation Pack - A beautifully illustrated Presentation Pack containing all ten Royal Society stamps, together with authoritative text by Eugene Byrne telling the stories of those featured.
If you live in the UK, the stamps plus the postage end up costing just around £6.00, which is fair. As I said, I bought two other packs and they were worth the price.

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