Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hello, World!

As I wake up to my 38th birthday I have that nice feeling that everything in the world continues absolutely the same. Technology, of course, has advanced much, humanity, as usual, didn't. The same old problems repeat themselves over and over again and people continue to ignore what happen right in front of their eyes pretending to themselves that they are smart, engaged, activist.

Let's be honest. Even if we concede that moral has improved microscopically, it didn't change too much macroscopically. Governments, be they democratic or not (with the difference being mainly one of marketing strategy), still shameless manipulate their citizens and try to produce a working mass as mindless as possible in order to guarantee a smooth ruling. Most citizens, on the other hand, are pretty happy with this status and couldn't care less about more culture, more critical thinking and more real conscience. After all, who wants to think after a hard day of work?

And so, we read newspapers (many of them not papers anymore) and see the same editorials, the same politically correct opinions and a growing censorship which, most of the times, don't even need to be made by the government anymore as people are good enough to crucify anyone who dares to have a different opinion, many times the one which tells the truth.

So, risking not even being read by anyone, risking being lost in the chaotic mess of information in the network, I will try to leave a small legacy here. Let the analysis begin.

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