Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Solving Mazes on Mathematica

Just a quick post as I found this very interesting article in the Wolfram blog:

by Jon McLoone

The photo above is from the article. It's an aerial view of the maze at Blenheim Palace, a very beautiful palace here in the UK. The author describes how he used Mathematica (the program) to find a solution to that maze. The most interesting thing is that it used the above photo an nothing else! The whole procedure, with pictures of the intermediate steps, is explained in the article. The final solution, which is what happens with the photo after processing, is this:

This final image is a superposition of the solution, obtained from the image itself, and the original one. Unfortunately, Mathematica is not only not free, but also very expensive. On the other hand, probably all universities have the license for it. Another good result is that I discovered that the Wolfram blog is actually quite interesting to follow... I guess I was a bit prejudiced before.

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